The number 1 iPhone app for quickly jotting down a melody line. Manipulate the notes on the sheetmusic with you fingers. With melodypad you'll be a melody composer in no time!

Version Nr 2 is a complete rewrite in x-code. After my first dabble in iPhone development with Phonegap, I found that making the application feel like an mobile application takes more effort to do in HTML5 + JS than it does using the controls available in x-Code. So, as I'm a developer, I started to learn x-Code and did a complete rewrite in native code. In doing so I used more a native control approach for the application so I changed the navigation and menu's a bit.

Drag up and down to change the note height. Drag left and right to scroll through your melody. Use the buttons at the bottom to change the active note.

The buttons are self-explanatory if you're into music notation. Once again you can download the midi an lilypond files from the 'View your songs' section.