About MelodyPad

Ever since I owned my first cassiopeia in 1999 I imagened an application where you could just write sheetmusic using the touchscreen.

Now thanks to PhoneGap my javascript and css skills came in handy to 'finally' create this application. Download it now from the Apple App Store and soon, when I borrow a testdevice form a collegue, on the android App Store (it's PhoneGap so why not).

OK so I changed tack a bit here and went for a complete rewrite in x-code for a new version on IPhone first before doing an Android version. Sorry for the Android users but I think that a version for that platform will take a bit longer because I skipped the phonegap framework. I may release version1 as an Andriod version but I haven't decided yet. 

Hope you like the app to, any suggestions would be welcome. Just email me at melodypad AT rooc DOT nl.

By the way I just recently found out there already is an MelodyPad application for the palmos 1. But that is not related to this application.